Justin Timberlake Got ‘Shrek’ Role Because Studio Boss Had A Crush On Him


Dreamworks studio boss Jeffrey Katzenberg cast Justin Timberlake in Shrek The Third because he had a crush on the pop heartthrob, according to star Cameron Diaz. Diaz was still dating Timberlake when they provided the voices of Princess Fiona and Artie respectively in the animated sequel, but they split in January before the film was released. The actress tells British radio station Heart FM, “I did not get him the gig, no. Jeffrey Katzenberg has had a crush on him for a very long time… it was his idea… ask him.” See the music industry and every other form of entertainment is under the cloud of a casting couch. You have to be somebody to get recognized by producers so as to have the big opportunities. Justin’s role was not needed in this Shrek movie and I was disappointed with Shrek 3 anyway…. The characters donkey and puss in boots were seemingly overshadowed by Justin’s character, which was flat and lacked humour or interest! I think Justin should stick to singing rather than animated roles…..